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Продукты питания, компании в Флеволанде

Socar Food, BV
0.0 6 сен 2019

Международная компания, занимающаяся покупкой и продажей замороженных продуктов питания. Центральный офис расположен в Нидерландах, имеет собственные дистрибьюторские центры в Южной Африке и таможенные склады в Европе.

0.0 1 окт 2023

Trading in food products Producers and packer of meat products for African consumers

В соседних регионах
0.0 11 апр 2012

Поставляет широкую номенклатуру плодо-овощной продукции

0.0 18 июн 2010

Houz International BV является торговой фирмой, поставляющей пищевое сырье кондитерским компаниям. Мы специализируемся на поставках натуральных орехов, орехов, прошедших обработку, для шоколадной и снэковой индустрии. Кроме орехов мы поставляем растительные масла и жиры, сухофрукты, продукты...

Koninklijke Verkade N.V., NV
0.0 27 мая 2021

Производство, упаковка, фасовка, разнообразного печенья !

0.0 28 авг 2018

Экспорт товаров отруби, мука, пшеница, сахар и т. д. Также импортируем в Казахстан. готовы сотрудничать.

-1.0 6 фев 2011

Полный ассортимент молочных ингредиентов, таких как сухое молоко и их заменителе, сыворотка и т. д. из Голландии.

-1.0 15 мар 2016

Торговля мороженой рыбой

-1.0 27 окт 2008

Поставка мяса ( говядина, свинина, курица, баранина ит. ) с любой точки мира. Больше информации вы можете найти или на нашем сайте или связаться с офисом в Голландии!!

5.1 24 янв

We are a wholesale and retailing company dealing on various products such as frozen seafood, frozen meat, nuts, wood pellets and many others

OK Additives, BV
4.2 1 ноя 2023

Wholesale trade, import, export. Dairy, seafood, food, non-food products

0.1 12 июн

INNPOSO Trading B. V aspire to empower all customers who walk through our doors with a distinct advantage in leading their business. This apart, we seek to become a dependable and reassuring companion who deeply perceives, and cumulatively fulfils their lives’ needs, desires and dreams.

0.0 2 окт 2022

Professional and unpleasant experience in the recruitment process with Mr. Arno

0.0 4 мар

We are an Importing and Exporting company. We export general commodities such as wood pellets, Frozen and Fresh Chilled Seafood to our clients within Europe.

Green Huiz, EMZ
0.0 26 окт 2019

Since 2016 our company situated in the Netherlands has been selling healthy and organic products on eBay and over platforms, and it has generated hundreds of reviews from our satisfied customers from all over the world. We are selling only products of the highest quality and certified in the...

0.0 12 мар

Delivery for export from Russia, Kazakhstan. Food products: flour, vegetable oil. We supply feed for farm animals, fish, plant feed, feed grain, grain mixtures, hay in bales, granules. Fuel briquettes of various formats, fuel pellets from various woods. Birch firewood, birch charcoal for barbecue.

0.0 11 сен 2021

We are looking for real genuine supplier of Red Bull , Monster, Coca Cola and Shark drink. 33/Pallet. Seller must have physical office to proof not just asking advance payment online. If you know you're real contact me only because you just waste your time as a scammer

Portucale Sweets, VOF
0.0 24 авг 2020

Portuguese Online Bakery. Portuguese flavours range from eggs to cinnamon, from ham to mountain cheese. And that's what we miss when we're not there, the flavours that bring us memories, the smell that remind us of our roots, or even, that unforgettable trip to a country as special as...

0.0 6 июл новая

My company focuses on Online retailer of fast moving consumer goods.

-1.0 3 апр 2011

West Food Group B. V. offers the wide range of food products such as frozen pork, beef, chicken, turkey and cheese products and provides full supply chain management for its suppliers and customers. West Food Group is sourcing of the best quality products from major producers in the USA, Brazil,...

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