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Прочее сельское хозяйство, компании в Южной Голландии

0.0 9 июн 2023

Description Green coffee Beans. Product Type: Arabica Coffee Bean Grade A Variety: Arabica Weight (kg): 50/60kg/jute bag 20ft container: 19.5tons or 22tons(BULK PACKING) Max. Moisture (%): 12% MAX Additional Ingredient: 0.5%MAX Rate of Defect: 7.0%MAX Cultivation...

0.0 21 окт 2023

DVF-TRADING GMBH We are a Dutch Company Operating in Germany. We are basically E-commerce Wholesale supplier With Office at : B12 Space Business Park Company Reg No: DE356516713 The company’s main aim and objective is to deliver quality products at affordable prices across the globe including...

0.0 2 ноя 2021

Efficient at Work was founded by Jan Krouwer and Andre van Leent in 2007. The company specialises in recruiting labour immigrants from Eastern Europe, who get the opportunity to work in different kinds of industries: AGF, packaging, production or horticultural sector. Years of experience made it...

0.0 16 окт 2023

Our company is based in Netherland and we supply goods at very competitive prices to various parts of the world such as Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia and Africa. Our customers' satisfaction is our greatest priority.

0.0 17 мая 2023

Our company is manufacturing and trading company based in the Netherlands and specializes in the production and supply of top quality wood pellets and other agricultural products of high quality. We are one of the best suppliers of wood pellets from Europe and we supply our products all over...

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BAM Works, BV
15.5 23 окт 2023

BAM WORKS - агентство занятости, специализирующееся на предоставлении персонала для работы в сельскохозяйственном секторе. Наша гибкость и адаптация к современному рынку труда позволяет нам работать в таких отраслях сельского хозяйства, как: работа в теплицах и садах, работа в поле и уход за...

ООО «Красноярск Зерно», NV
0.6 18 июн новая

Компания «Красноярскзерно» была основана в 2015 году в сердце Красноярского края с целью стать ведущим поставщиком и хранителем зерна, овса и рапса в России. За годы своего существования компания прошла долгий путь развития и модернизации, превратившись в одного из самых надежных и уважаемых...

0.0 29 окт 2021

Создание благоприятной деловой атмосферы и отношений с клиентами

Alphadelta Enterprises, VOF
646 24 окт 2023

AlphaDelta Enterprises is an import and export company that is active in the FMCG market. Although we are a young company we are growing continuously. Due to our good contacts within Europe, Asia and worldwide we can offer some very competitive prices for our customers. We work together with...

0.0 30 апр 2023

We supply all agricultural product and dairy product , live stock and poultry.

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0.0 30 мая 2018

Cultivation of crops, potatoes, tuberous plants and other root crops. Lending partially land and machinery.

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