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Химия нефтехимия уголь, компании в Нидерландах

1.0 20 июл новая

Оптовая торговля нефтепродуктами, углем, металлами Транспортные услуги: авто, ж. д., море

0.0 22 мар 2018

Рециклинг и переработка полимерных отходов. грануляция, микронаизинг

-1.0 19 фев 2018

Занимаемся реализацией химических реактивoв, таких как уксусный ангидрид, фенилнитпрoпен.(Заказы через сooбщения тoлькo принимаем). Уксусный ангидрид (СН3С0)20 — бесцветная жидкость с резким запахом, tK 1ш= 139,9°С; получают нагреванием паров уксусной кислоты (см.) при 700°С в присутствии...

0.0 16 янв 2023

We are engaged in the sale of urea, diesel, and fuel oil. There is a possibility of logistics. port of Turkmenbashi, and port of Iran

0.0 5 ноя 2019

Offer on sales: jp54, jetfuel a1, virgin oil d6, d2, mazut, lng, en590-10ppm, base oil, pet coke, lng & lpg etc. Please contact us below: Smakhtin Anatoly Whatsapp/Phone Email&Skype:

0.0 20 ноя 2020

HEFEI GSK TRADE CO., LTD is located in ANHUI province of China. We specialized in Active pharmaceutical ingredient, pharmaceutical intermediates, Pesticide intermediates and dyes intermediates.  We have strong professional research and development team, talented personnel and completely equipped...

Lindeboom holding, BV
0.0 5 янв

LindeBoom Holding B. V is a leading service provider and exporter of a wide range of chemicals, gems, spents, dyes, pigments, intermediates, solvent and into business of hazardous waste management service with the support of our channel partners, we are able to provide these products in diverse...

0.0 9 янв 2018

Ik vertegenwoordig Russische leveranciers van aardolieproducten en hun dochterondernemingen die werken volgens een vereenvoudigde procedure en zonder vooruitbetaling.

0.0 5 дек 2023

Producent van co2 neutrale motorbrandstoffen (Biodiesel). En Ontwikkelaar en tevens Producent van Groene Waterstofgas.

0.0 8 ноя 2023

Industrial works, contstruction works, international worldwide

0.0 13 июн

The best research chemicals for all your research. With more than 25 years of experience on board, I know how to develop, produce and supply the best research chemicals. You can buy research chemicals at The Professor! DISCLAIMER Professor will never engage in the purchase or sale of prohibited...

Trading JG B.V, BV
0.0 19 окт 2022

We are reliable and efficient suppliers of foods and beverages , Energy products etc contact us and know more .

-1.0 25 сен 2021

The company “AMDI v ” is one of the largest manufacturers of wood pellets for consumer’s use in Ukraine. The company’s production is certified according to the European standard ENPlus (certificate number UA 004). The first production line was launched in 2008. The second line was launched in...

-1.0 13 ноя 2019

Looking for Tank Storage Terminal and Logistics in Rotterdam and Houston Ports?. Please visit and drop us a message for storage and logistics inquiries.

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