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Biohumus / Vermicompost / Natural fertilizer

Biohumus / Vermicompost / Natural fertilizer
Biohumus / Vermicompost / Natural fertilizer - фото 1
Добавлено: 25 сентября 2019, 14:03 ID: 1761890
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на Флагма с 25 сентября 2019
Маркитан Юлия


I would like to offer you natural organic humus fertilizer for your business, that will exceed your expectations of the soil fertility.

Our biohumus No 1:
- increases plant growth 1.5-2 times,
- optimizes the agro-physical and chemical-biological properties of the soil,
- contributes to the restoration of soil biocenosis and humus-forming processes,
- provides strengthening of the root system of plants and their immunity development,
- contributes to an increase in yield, quality and shelf-life,
- increases the resistance of plants to disease, repeated planting, mechanical damage and temperature changes.

For more information please contact to me.
Hope for fruitful cooperation.

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Export Support Centre, КП,  Одесса, UA
на Флагма с 25 сентября 2019

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Маркитан Юлия
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