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Job from 5 May 2019

Welder in Amsterdam

per hour, depending on the qualifications of the employee., full time, work experience from 2 years and above
Stan Caroline, HR managerFlagma member since 5 May 2019
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Job description

Requirement for candidates:

  • - the ability to repair the weld,
  • - the ability to weld a combined seam (optional),
  • - work with the grinder.
  • - the presence of seniority in the profession for at least two years.
  • - availability of certificates confirming qualification. If there are no VCA certificates, it is possible to get at the place, after one day courses. The cost of one course - 250 euros.

Country of works - Netherlands. Works are performed on production sites and in the shops of the enterprise.

Work for 8 hours, 5 days a week.

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Vacancy number: 13603
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