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0.0 12 Jul

Recreatie chalets, Paintball activiteiten. Wij huisvesten arbeidsmigranten

0.0 6 Sep 2017

We are interested in oak lamella 4,2 and 6,2mm Quantity: ± 6.000 m2 per month 4,2 x 192 x 1840/2040/2240/2440 mm – select 4,2 x 192 x 1840/2040/2240/2440 mm – exclusive 4,2 x 232 x 1840/2040/2240/2440 mm – select 6,2 x 232 x 1840/2040/2240/2440 mm - exclusive Quantity: ± 6.000 m2 per...

Green Huiz, EMZ
0.0 26 Oct 2019

Since 2016 our company situated in the Netherlands has been selling healthy and organic products on eBay and over platforms, and it has generated hundreds of reviews from our satisfied customers from all over the world. We are selling only products of the highest quality and certified in the...

-1.0 29 Nov 2015

Zanimaemsya prodaja obreznie doskomi i podoni

-1.0 17 May 2018

We are specialized in buying/selling , import/export of wooden products ( foremost oak )

0.1 15 Jul 2020

Покупаем доску, ясень или дуб. Рассмотрим все предложения,. Вышлите предложения со спецификациями и ценами

0.0 30 May

Строительные работы и обделках домов внутренняя и наружная и другое

Prima Equipment, BV
0.0 31 Mar 2011

Здравствуйте. Prima Equipment (Прима экюпмент). Мы продаем в частности б /y оборудование (со склада в Голландии) для землеройных, горнодобывающей промышленности, сноса, строительства, обработки материалов и транспортном секторе. вся интересующая вас информация моделей и типов вы могли бы найти...

Спил деревьев Днепр, VOF
0.0 21 May 2018

Профессиональный Спил деревьев любой сложности удаление аварийных стволов веток угрожающие проводам крышам и т. п, работаем с авто вышкой и без, опыт работы в жилом секторе.

-1.0 28 Jun 2009

Продажа недвижимости ,. Помощь и консультации при открытии фирмы Европе . Подготовка пакета документов для вида на жительство Европе , Резные свечи , материалы, краски, формы для свечей. Поиск партноров и. т. д

-1.0 27 Jan 2018

Продажа оборудование промышленно б. у и новый Маслопресса жаровни

In neighboring regions
Green Light Textile, VOF
5.0 25 Apr 2016

Wholesale stock clothes

1.5 1 Aug new

Employing workers from post-USSR countries to European union

0.0 18 May 2017

Wholesale trade of lumber. Export/ import. International delivery.

0.0 7 Jul

We have a big custom base in the Netherlands and we are looking for more suppliers.

0.0 2 May 2017

Import i realizacija pilomaterialov. A takzje importiruem dsp, osb, dvp i. t. d..

Foeth, BV
0.0 23 Apr 2019

We buy and sell premium quality used process equipment Since 1908 Foeth has been active in the purchase and sale of used process machinery, serving the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries in Europe and beyond. By today, our company has developed into the largest dealer in Europe in used...

0.0 30 May 2018

Cultivation of crops, potatoes, tuberous plants and other root crops. Lending partially land and machinery.

Ryan, EMZ
0.0 30 Aug 2021

Brand New Original Bicycles. Full Factory Warranty 2021 Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL EVO $11,500 2021 Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL $11,250 2021 Specialized S-Works Aethos - Dura Ace Di2 $9,500 2021 Specialized S-Works Roubaix – SRAM Red ETAP AXS $8,500 2021 Specialized Turbo Creo...

Workforce Solution, VOF
0.0 16 Jul 2020

Workforce Solution is a Labor Connection Agency. We have an extensive network of companies and employment agencies in the Netherlands, where you may be able to start soon.

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